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Equinox is a case and document management system created for IP professionals. Equinox is more than just a records system. Its structure and functionality allow attorneys to customise the way your practice operates and this can give time and cost savings. Equinox allows a focus on the professional work attorneys really want to be doing.

Equinox is a fully integrated case and document management system.

The Equinox records management features allow you to:

  • Keep full records of all your cases
  • Access official databases directly from the relevant matters
  • Insert any item of case data in standard letters and invoice headers
  • Insert items of case data on standard forms
  • Produce client schedules, including images
  • Produce special reports for client or for internal management purposes
  • Keep cases in families - report on and adjust case records at the family level
  • Record contacts on cases - applicants, inventors and others for reporting and communication
  • Report globally on the data held in your Equinox - comprehensive, flexible report generation
  • Reports in many forms, such as PDF, Excel spreadsheet, etc
  • Give your clients remote access to view their own records on your system
  • Have complete control over what your clients can see
  • Give you clients the opportunity to run schedules by remote access
  • Show your clients a world map of their IP rights

Equinox has a name and address file so that contact details only have to be entered or updated in one place. The file contains:

  • Client and foreign associate contact details, including individuals at each location
  • Applicant and inventor contact details
  • Tools to edit the address file to remove duplicates
  • Client communication features

You can use the name and address file to communicate with selected contacts using our mailing list feature.

Contacts are used in standard letter generation and invoicing, and can be used to fill forms if required.

The Equinox reminder features allow you to:

  • Enter any one-off reminder manually
  • Generate groups of reminders based on key history dates such as the filing or grant date
  • Generate groups of reminders based on dates given in official letters
  • Receive additional email reminders for every important action or deadline

Equinox has a unique system of producing groups of reminders. We call them "pre-sets" and they are similar to "law" files which other systems offer. Pre-sets can be customised (under your control) to match the exact way you prefer to work. They have the additional advantage of giving only the number of reminders you want.

The Equinox financial features allow you to:

  • Record all time, service changes and disbursement
  • Enter charges from a firm's charge sheet if required
  • Add professional time from one or more timers
  • Keep your charge rate on file, and special charge rates for certain clients, to allow conversion of time to time charges
  • Invoice when you are ready, using a semi-automatic process requiring very little input
  • Preview and amend invoices before they are issued
  • Send monthly or combined invoices to clients
  • Report on the performance of your practice, for example, by reporting the billing of each fee earner
  • Produce costs reports for clients
  • Produce WIP reports
  • Produce an aged analysis and send monthly statements (only if you chose to mark invoices on Equinox as paid)
  • Extract invoicing data and send them to your accounts package such as Sage or Xero
  • Maintain currency exchange rates and mark-ups so that you can bill in other currencies
  • Enter foreign associates bills in currency and automatically convert them to an appropriate amount in your home currency

Equinox has a fully integrated document management system with all the features you would expect - storage, location, content searching, versioning, forwarding, attention, document history, etc. In Equinox you can store documents against a case for easy reference. All documents are held highly securely and are backed up for you.

Equinox has a Microsoft Office Plugin that allows direct saving, editing and creating of documents from within the Microsoft Office suite.

The document system allows you to:

  • Store any form of document on Equinox including emails, Word, Excel, PDF, images, sound files, etc.
  • Store documents directly on cases so that you have an effective digital case record
  • Store unlimited numbers of case documents
  • Distribute any new document to other users for their attention or information
  • Check that any document has been read by others
  • Upload by drag-and-drop
  • Upload emails and attachments direct to Equinox
  • Preview documents
  • Retrieve documents within cases
  • Create standard letters and emails from within cases
  • Download, edit and re-upload via Microsoft Office using the plug- (beta release)

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