Getting your case management system right is an important decision. The sooner you start the better. Equinox can start very small and grows with you.

We think the best way you can see what Equinox offers is to give you log-in access to a demo system. We encourage you to experiment with it, and if the demo appeals to you we can move on to the next step. Here is our process:

01. Initial contact and Free Trial Set-up

Generally you contact us in the first instance. The simplest way to do so is to request a free trial. But if you prefer to email us or telephone us - these are the details to use

phone   +44 (0) 113 274 7309

We will use the details you send us to set you up access to a free trial system. This is for you only and is entirely confidential. It has a basic set up and a few sample cases so that you can have a meaningful experiment.

02. Demonstration and Explanation

We like to visit all new enquirers because a face-to-face session is undoubtedly the best way to see how Equinox works and understand the full range of its features.

The IP profession is well spread out geographically and we are very used to travelling to see new people. However, if you prefer, an on-line session (by Skype or any other suitable method) can be arranged to provide a remote demonstration. We can share screens to give you a clear picture of Equinox.

03. Your decision is made

Once you have had a chance to evaluate Equinox and see how it could benefit your practice, a decision is made. Hopefully in favour of using Equinox!

04. Customisation and Implementation

Equinox is highly customisable and our team work with you to give you the system you need. This can take place during a training session if you want. Training is usually given face-to-face but it can be done remotely.

Setting up of Equinox is very quick - it may only take 24 hours from a firm decision to be up and running.

05. Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on the personal support we offer. We are always available to answer queries, to give help and receive suggestions. The team giving the support is the same as the team developing Equinox, they really know what they are doing and can provide real help.

Equinox is constantly being improved, often from suggestions received from IP professionals. These modifications and updates are automatically available to you - you need do nothing to receive them and all costs are included in the subscription cost.

Want to know more about Equinox?

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