• Equinox Benefits

Equinox has many features which add value to your practice. Some of these are related to the development structure we have chosen, and others to the features we have implemented.

  • Equinox with updating accounts for an agreed number of users
  • Up to 10 additional read-only accounts
  • Up to 10 additional client access accounts
  • Unlimited data storage - no restriction on the number of cases or documents
  • One full day's training and customisation
  • Data take-on of up to 100 cases (there is a one off fee for substantial take-ons)
  • All amendments and improvements during the year
  • Use of the Equinox Microsoft Office plug-in (optional, beta release)
  • Continuing help and advice from the support team

A web-based system has many benefits:

  • Access from any location, allowing you to do productive work wherever you are
  • Professionals and support staff can be in several locations leading to cost savings
  • Other cost savings result from:
    • Smaller office space requirement
    • Reduced relocation expenses
    • Part-time working from home
  • Local server infrastructure is not required

Equinox serves you well now and in the future:

  • Equinox is constantly updated - you always have the latest version
  • Upgrades and improvements are automatically included - no effort or cost required from you
  • Equinox can handle any number of users from one to hundreds - Equinox grows with you
  • Fully featured - as you grow some Equinox features become more important - they are there waiting to be used

Equinox is customisable to the way you want to operate, increasing efficiency and giving more time for the professional work you really want to be doing:

  • Screen layouts and wordings
  • Types of work and case statuses
  • Letter and invoice templates
  • Office procedures linked to pre-sets
  • Create, read, update and delete permissions per user
  • Re-customise as your professional needs develop

Equinox case management features give you:

  • Peace of mind - Equinox never sleeps so that you can!
  • All data is highly secure
  • Effective reminders ensure you don't miss any dates
  • Equinox does everything you need to create and manage a portfolio of professional work
  • Clients can access their records on your Equinox
  • Equinox is fully integrated with document management
    • Create/View documents wherever you are
    • Full access to digital case files at all times

Equinox contains a fully featured, integrated document management system:

  • Digital case files are fully implemented - no more lost files!
  • Distribute incoming communications to several locations via in-boxes and alerts
  • Check that documents have been attended to
  • All documents are stored securely and backed up by Equinox
  • You can manage your documents from within Microsoft Office (requires plug-in, beta release)
  • Document versioning system
  • Deleted documents can be recovered

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